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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Generations in Conversation Indexed

April 2006
William Grimbol on Youth Spirituality
Rebecca Huntley on Gen Y
Ryan Heath on Gen Y and Baby Boomers

March 2006 - Move to
Workplace Cultural Clashes
Aussie Boomer Advertising

January 2006
Strauss and Howe Generations
Generation Y at Work - Peter Sheahan
Barna on Small Churches
Barna Group on Buster Pastors
Generations Culture and Society - Turner and Edmunds
Sharon Daloz Parks on Young Adult Faith Development
GenX Reader - edited by Douglas Rushkoff
Preaching Across Great Divides - Rick Richardson
Chris Seay Confession to Generational Arrogance
Youth Ministry to Big People - Mike Breaux

December 2005
Erikson Identity Development
Fowler Faith Development
Experiential Marketing

November 2005
Living Life to the Full - Christopher Walker
Tony Jones on Postmodern Youth Ministry
Translation into Generational Culture - Darrell Guder
Personal Values Assessment
Generation of Values - Rick & Kathy Hicks

October 2005
Advertising to Baby Boomers - Chuck Nyren
Synod of Generations
Tara Brabazon on Generation X
Emerging Mobile Generation - Kaiser Foundation on Generation M
Generation M Named for Media
Generational Texts
Grim Reaper Generation

September 2005
Queensland Baby Boomer Statistics
Aging Hipsters

August 2005
IBISWorld on Gen Y
Generational Bell Curve

July 2005
Emerging Generations and Healthy Church DNA
Post What?
Session One: Introduction to Generational Culture
U2 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - Generational Text
Graeme Codrington Blogging
Reviews at Digital Orthodoxy

June 2005
Ten Strategies for Preaching in a Multimedia Culture- Thomas Troeger
Richard Tiplady on the Postmodern Organisation
Peter Sheahan Research Blog
Postmodernism is not the Antichrist - Paula Harris in Postmission

May 2005
Post Missionary Leadership - Peter Stephenson
What's a postmodernist like you doing in a modernist mission organisation like this?
Postmission Revisited
A Generation Alone - Mahedy and Bernardi
Generational Cliques - Rob McAlpine
Greenpeace - started by Baby Boomers?
Dawson McAllister Live for the Millennial Generation
Can We Call Youth a Postmodern Generation? - Matt Stone
GenX and God - Kristoffer Cox
Boomers, Xers and Other Strangers - Rick & Kathy Hicks
GenX Religion - Richard Flory and Donald Miller
Andy Crouch - Myth Buster
Craig Kennet Miller on Generational Resources
Ambiguity, Uncertainty, Without Fear
OMG! How Generation Y is Redefining Faith in the iPod Era
Generational Pain, Suffering & Spirituality - Tom Beaudoin

April 2005
Generations & Online Community - Tom Beaudoin
Karl Mannheim on Generational Cohorts
Sensual Spirituality - Beaudoin on Generation X
Tom Beaudoin on Suspect Institutions
Tom Beaudoin, Virtual Faith & Generation X
Generation X: The Options Generation - Hugh Mackay

March 2005
Baby Boomers: The Stress Generation
Stanley Grenz Passes On
Australia's Lucky Generation - Hugh Mackay

February 2005
Hugh Mackay on Baby Boomers, their parents & their children
The Postmodern Condition - Jean-Francois Lyotard

January 2005
Postmodern Theory

December 2004
Reflexivity - Wade Clark Roof & Jackson Carroll

November 2004
Ageing and the Australian Population
Inherited, Blended & Post-Traditional Congregations
Dwellers, Seekers and Hybrid Souls
Generations as Cultural Waves
Bridging Divided Worlds
Marketing Wisdom

October 2004
Generations Course in 2005
Lynch on Douglas Coupland - Life After God
God and Clubbing Spirituality
MTV is my Bible - Lynch on Beaudoin
Flat Pack Furniture and Meccano Sets - Lynch on Post-Evangelicals
Will the Real Generation X Stand Up? - Gordon Lynch After Religion
Gordon Lynch on Generation X After Religion

May 2004
New Paradigms for Emerging Church
Mike Regele and the Death of the Church
Thom Rainer on the Bridger Generation
Dawson McAllister - Saving the Postmillennial Generation

April 2004
Strauss and Howe - Generations, History and Future
Robert E. Webber - Ancient Future Man
Emerging Church - Dan Kimball

March 2004
Youth Culture - Identity in a Postmodern World
Postmodern Youth Ministry

January 2004
Postmission - World Mission by a Postmodern Generation

October 2003
Episcopalian Gen Xer Clergy Publish

September 2003
European Perspectives
Bryan Turner and June Edmunds